How Did Celia Barton Contribute To The American Revolution

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At a time when women were oppressed, Clara Barton, Civil War nurse and founder of the American Red Cross, managed to make an impact on the country and the whole world. By dedicating her life to lessen the suffering of others, Barton helped society and the lives of many. Through her actions, Barton worked to help women gain equal appreciation in society. The work of Clara Barton helped spark the revolution of women’s equality. The leadership of Clara Barton and the humanitarian work she did influenced the respect and recognition women received.
Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821, a time when women were treated as property of their husbands and fathers, and were not expected to take part in society, let alone change it. Growing up …show more content…

Not afraid of hard work, Clara Barton helped who were in need. Men showed her respect on the field, going to the extent of saluting her as they would a high-ranking general. Barton’s maternal and individualized care helped make her famous, popular, and respected. In an act of respect, Brigade Surgeon James L. Dunn gave Barton her well-known sobriquet, Angel of the Battlefield. This name showed that women could help with the war effort, and deserved equal respect and recognition as men in battle. Barton was moving up in rank, and led a group of men into battle, making it the first time a woman had led a combat medical group, showing that women were strong enough to lead in battle. Barton worked hard to lead more women into battle, often adding them to her medical groups to influence female involvement in the military. Barton refined the career of nursing and helped turn it into a respected profession instead of a chore for the duration of the Civil …show more content…

Because of her passion for service, Barton created work programs to help. She opened a garment factory for them to work in, and, all the garments went to the needy. With these actions, Barton worked to become a prominent figure globally, and allow for other women to follow in her footsteps to change the way women were viewed. When Barton traveled back to the United States, she worked to get the Red Cross brought to the country. Barton persisted with many important figures and publicized the Red Cross to the general public. She used her powerful influence in the government, and, eventually had luck with Secretary of State Blaine. Barton worked to allow all people to see that women could make a difference in a country, and possibly, the whole

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