How Did Chanel Influence Fashion

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The 1920’s were essentially about becoming ‘someone’, separating yourself from the old and creating uniqueness to a ‘new life’. Chanel helped to set the first stages of modern fashion by creating her signature style, brand awareness, and a social popularity around herself like no one had ever done before.At the time, women wanted freedom from the restrictions of society and fashion had placed upon them. Women wanted to feel beautiful without shackles.
Chanel created a new image to the role of women within society, by making them beautiful while, at the same time, separating them from the hordes of traditional ‘unknowns’.Her elegant and multipurpose designs were made from durable fabrics that were usually reserved for men’s work clothes, likewise
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Her apartment and her clothing always followed her favorite color scheme, black, white and shades of beige. Her interest in art and theatre likewise provided themes for her collections. On a masquerade ball she dressed as a living form of a Watteau painting, she later on decided to make modifications to the design to create a woman 's suit and that is when the famous Chanel suit was created.
The Chanel suit was the perfect choice of outfit for the post-war woman whom was trying to build a career in the male-dominated workplace. The suit was no only favored by many women but also celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, and made it make a mark on history when Jackie Kennedy wore it on the day her husband was assassinated.
Her signature designs were unusual and minimalist, using materials that were generally used for men’s wear, especially in the uniforms use during the First World War. They featured straight lines, a boxy collarless jacket, paired with a matching shortened skirt in vibrant colors and striking fabrics.These modifications allowed women to leave restricting corsets behind and gave them the freedom for more practical activities. The designs were soft and comfortable sportswear and leisurewear for women’s clothing that were mainly manufactured out of knit fabrics such as jerseys and

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