Charlemagne Influence

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When the Frankish King Pepin the Short passed away, his kingdom was divided between his two sons, Carloman, and Charlemagne also referred to as Charles the Great. When Carloman died, Charlemagne became the sole ruler. He spent the early part of his regime on military campaigns which expanded his kingdom. He extended his dominance to the south, conquering the regions of Italy and to the north, conquering Spain. The immense territories in which Charlemagne ruled over became known as the Carolingian empire. As emperor, Charlemagne was a clever diplomat who was able to control the vast land his had conquered. He promoted education and encouraged the Carolingian Renaissance, a period in which the culture and education changed for the
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Already at the age of 8, William the Conqueror became duke of Normandy and after the Battle of Hastings, in 1066, he was crowned king of England. William introduced the modern castle building techniques into the Medieval England. William successfully dealt with rebellion inside Normandy involving his kinsmen and threats from neighboring nobles. Although he never spoke English, he had a great influence on the evolution of the English language, adding both French and Latin words to the English dictionary. William was very experienced and ruthless military officer and ruler who unified Normandy and making England one of the most powerful government in…show more content…
The plague also had many long-term effects such as the decline in food production. In addition, a decline in the economy occurred because feared to trade well with plague infested country. As the Church could not answer people 's questions it lost its sincere power over people. All these factors contributed to Europe 's period of reduced success. During the middle ages, the plague was well-known as the all-destroying disease where one-third of the population perished. Through these losses, fleas toppled Europe 's social structure and altered the Medieval society for
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