How Did Charlemagne Influence Rome

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Charles I, better known as Charlemagne, was the king of the Franks and founded the Holy Roman Empire. Over his rule, Europe was greatly motivated to create a society completely unique to that of Rome. He had significant historical impacts involving territory, culture, economy, and religion in Europe that completely changed the continent. When Charlemagne was born, his father, Pepin the Short, already had a strong political position. As mayor of the palace, Pepin was a palatine whom eventually became king of the Franks himself. Charlemagne participated in the ceremony in which Pope Stephen II appointed Pepin king, and many military campaigns with his father. Once Pepin was deceased Charlemagne split the kingdom with his brother Carloman, who inherited a larger and wealthier area which caused a strained relationship between them. Carloman died unexpectedly 3 years later and left his half of the…show more content…
With the power inherited, he was able to arrange several successful military conquests that expanded his empire further. Charlemagne is the only ruler that was able to unite Europe for a long period of time. His reign fell across most of Western Europe including areas in modern-day France, Germany, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and the Netherlands. He founded this kingdom as the Holy Roman Empire. Within his kingdom, he spread Christianity and made it the dominant religion in Europe by using missionaries and allowing the church to help with political and economic stability. With the church possessing such power, the people were won over easily. An extremely major movement continued by Charlemagne was the Carolingian Renaissance. It affected many aspects of European life, however, education was of large importance. Charlemagne made Christian education regular across his kingdom. Monasteries taught a variety of subjects and only kept improving from
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