How Did Charlemagne Influence The Renaissance

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Under Charlemagne’s rule, a flourishing Christian Empire was born. After Charlemagne was crowned in 800 by Pope Leo III, Europe became more unified and Christianity was spreading rapidly. Before this cultural spark, Europe was suffering politically, socially and economically. Invaders were common and posed as serious threats to the Europeans. Muslims swept throughout Europe and took over and ruled numerous countries. Charlemagne fought Muslims as well as many other powerful forces which lead to a improved life for all. Charlemagne’s influence was very strong, and even after he died he left Europe with great improvements. Many significant events occurred that happened before Charlemagne’s reign. During the Middle Ages (500-1500), the European economy plummeted, trade significantly decreased, and social interactions…show more content…
This period was known as the Carolingian Renaissance. During this time period art was greatly impacted on. Roman classicism was revived from mostly Mediterranean styles such as Greco-Roman, Byzantine and Christian. Most of the artwork included all kinds of art forms such as sculptures, manuscripts and metalworks. Another aspect of the Carolingian Renaissance is the reviving of latin literature such as letters, poetry and common texts. One major Virgilian epics during the Carolingian Renaissance was known as, “ Karolus Magnus et Leo Papa”.(britannica) The last aspect of the Carolingian Renaissance is architecture. Designs of new monasteries and cathedrals became more popular and the famous Palace of Aachen was built during this time. The characteristics of this architecture had hints of Byzantine and Roman styles. In 814, January 28th Charlemagne died and this flourishing throne was passed on to Louis I;his son. (Frassetto, 2013)Even though Charlemagne passed away, Europe was still left with remarkable
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