How Did Charles Darwin Impact On Society

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The Voyage Discoveries/Publication Of Charles Darwin And Highlight Its Impact On Our Societies. Where did we come from? Most of the religious thinkers, philosophers, and scientist throughout history tried to explain the origin of life of the human beings and all living creatures and were they emerge from. Most of the time, we think about how we were created and how me came about to this life. These are the questions that Charles Robert Darwin gave their answers and explained it also. Charles Darwin is a British Naturalist whose work on organic Revolution is known as Darwinism and his ideas was being used by many other philosophers and scientists to create developed social, economic, and the study of human kind and their principles that alter the world. Evolution is yet a gradual procedure by which the features of living things change over many generations. Charles Darwin 's theory explains how primitive living things advance into great and make a different Heterogeneity of life that is seen on the planet earth today.…show more content…
At Republic of Ecuador during his journey he noticed that humans were similar but yet dissimilar from one another. He also noticed some remains of pre-historic plants and animals that were embedded in a rock. And this made him to believe that Evolution was in control of the existence of living creatures rather than Divine Creation. After his return he wrote a book but could not publish it because he was scared to. This was because all the scientists believed in Divine creation and Darwin knew many people will criticize his idea . Until in November 24th 1859, which was 20 years of waiting after his return from the Voyage. The book “On the Origin of species by means of Natural Selection” 1,250 copies were all sold on that day. At that time there was also a Scientist name Alfred Wallace who came up with same
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