How Did Charles Darwin Influence European Culture

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Charles Darwin was very influential in the European culture. His written works caused people to question not only aspects of religion but also question social and moral values. Darwin helped shape European’s ideas of what it actually means to be European , which according to Darwin meant to be superior to other races. One of Darwin’s theories was “that white European men in the nineteenth century were wealthier and better because more highly evolved than white women or people of color” (Textbook 753). He also believed that “people of color, or “ lower races” were far behind whites in intelligence and civilization” ( Textbook 753). Even though his ideas were racists and sexists, his ideas still influenced some such as Jules Ferry and Rudyard Kipling to advocate the…show more content…
However, some viewed Darwin’s theories as a call for change, and used his racists and sexists remarks to bring forth positive change in society. Thus, Darwin made racists and sexists remarks in his works that were read by many causing some people to either agree with his radical ideas of inequality and others to bring forth a change. In Darwin’s “ The Descent of Man,” he argued many ideas that went against the norm for what people believed in the mid- nineteenth century. Religion was a very important aspect in the European culture and was valued dearly but Darwin came up with a scientific theory that he believed disproved the existence of God. He believed that “the Bible “ gave a ‘ manifestly false history of the world.’” ( Textbook 752). Thus, in his journal, he was trying to disprove and argued that the Bible is false, and his theory however, is a “fact”. In Darwin’s “The Descent of Man” he stated that “the grounds upon this conclusion rest will ever be shaken, for close similarity between man and the lower animals in embryonic devolvement… are the facts which cannot be disputed” (
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