How Did Charles De Gaulle Impact The World

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At the end of WWII, many European countries had political and economic damages because of the invasion of Germany. This ruthless war affected the Europeans and made them suffer from several problems, for example, inflation, famines, and weak governments and many of them thought that they would never recover from such a massive blow. However, the countries started trying to restore their power and glory again and during this period, a man called Charles de Gaulle who was born in 1890 in Lille became the ruler of France and managed to envision it to become recognized as an effective power. This essay is about de Gaulle’s life mentioning his policy and his effect on the world. The beginning will be about his early life, then his role in WWI and WWII, after that his achievements during his presidency.…show more content…
He was raised in a Catholic family which was a patriot. His father was a history teacher who had his own school. Charles’ father came from France, but his mother was French, Irish Flemish, and German. Because of de Gaulle’s father was a history teacher, Charles grew familiar with the history of his country. By the time he was ten, he was reading history books, for example, Hundred Years war and that helped him to start his own writing in his early teens. After he finished studying at the high school he went to the college, first in Paris, then he moved to Belgium. After he finished studying, he went to Saint-Cyr military school in 1908. In Saint-Cyr he was one of the best students, so he obtained many medals and when he finished the academy, he immediately worked in a high rank in the French
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