How Did Charles Fisher Influence The Community

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Charles Fisher was a man who brought momentous change to New Brunswick. His father’s political work influenced Charles’s later journey into politics. He was the leading lawyer of his day and a Father of Confederation. He contributed to composing the British North America Act. Despite his blunt language and stubborn behavior, he played a significant role in helping New Brunswick join the Confederation. Charles Fisher was born on August 15, 1808 in Fredericton, New Brunswick. He was the eldest son of Susanna Williams and Peter Fisher. His father, Peter Fisher, was the first to write and publish a history book in the province. Peter also criticized New Brunswick’s decision to take wealth from the colony’s resources without contributing to the political and social development. Charles’s father’s slight political experience influenced him greatly. Charles attended Fredericton Collegiate School and King’s College which is now known as the University of New Brunswick. After he received his B.A, he studied law and became a barrister in 1833. In 1836, he married Amelia Hatfield and had four sons and four daughters.…show more content…
He contributed to the drafting and completion of the 72 Resolutions, a set of proposals made at the Quebec Conference in 1864. Unfortunately, he lost his seat in the Assembly alongside of many supporters of Confederation that were driven out of the office in 1865 election. He returned to the Assembly during the 1866 by-election. His 1866’s campaign was very imprecise, promoting New Brunswickers to be for and against Confederation. However, once he entered the office, he became the key figure for a creation of a new nation. Charles Fisher was one of the five New Brunswick delegates who attended the London conferences in 1866. He also helped with drafting the British North America Act. He was 59 years old when Confederation
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