How Did Charlie Gordon Get Iq Surgery

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Think about what it would be like if you could make yourself three times smarter. Charlie Gordon did from “Flowers for Algernon” did. Charlie Gordon is a thirty seven year old man with an IQ of only sixty eight. This means he is very unintelligent. He got a controversial brain surgery tripling his intelligence. After his intelligence tripled, it quickly wore off. Algernon a mouse and friend of Charlie’s also had the surgery. Charlie Gordon should not have got the IQ surgery because of the danger and negative side effects, the heartbreak, and it made him non-nïave to the world. Charlie should not have got the surgery because of the dangerous and negative side effects. The surgery was a brand new brain surgery. A unneeded brain surgery could cause someone to die or go brain dead. Also as Charlie’s intelligence wore off, he got sick, staying in bed for weeks not eating. He went into emotional instability. Finally Charlie could die like Algernon died.Algernon died after his surgery wore off due to smoothing of the cerebral convolutions. This could still happen to Charlie causing his death. Charlie told us,”I get awful headaches and aspirin doesn’t help me much”(p. 339). This is an example of the awful pain Charlie…show more content…
Before the surgery Charlie didn’t know what it was like to be smart. Without this knowledge he didn 't want to be intelligent as bad, causing him to be happier with who he was. Secondly, Charlie had people who he thought were his friends. When he got the surgery, he found out he had no friends. Finally, when he obtained his intelligence he also learned that his “friends” just made fun of him, causing him emotional distress. Charlie once stated,”Now I know what it means to “pull a Charlie Gordon.” I’m ashamed” (p.323). To “pull a Charlie Gordon” is what people would say when someone preformed a major mistake. With Charlie’s intelligence came embarrassment that Charlie wasn’t capable to
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