How Did Chris Mccandless Disappear

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“I think I'm going to disappear for a while”(20). Is what we all wish we could do at some point in our life just disappear or change who we are. No matter how far we go or how fast we run will never be able to outrun who we truly are. After graduating in 1990 from Emory University, Christopher McCandless took off on a road trip without leaving trace behind with only one thing on his mind his destination, Alaska. Based on Krakauer's own experience of going into the wild he uses that to try and justify Chris’ decisions. Chris wasn't a crazy man like we all thought, we all judged him for leaving without saying anything to anyone, we accused him of being insane because he had donated all of his money to charity and had burned his belongings. Truth is Chris wasn't the first or the last man to go into the wild, even Krakauer had his fair share of experiences out in the wild only difference was he didn't die. When Chris planned his trip to Alaska he was planning on returning he never left with the intention of never coming back. McCandless had made a promise of coming back “McCandless promised to come back to South Dakota in time to help with the autumn harvest” pg.79. Everyone who met him in the two years he spent …show more content…

He was the best, the general assured Walt; if Chris was out there, Kalitka would find him” Pg. 64. Chris didn't want cause his parents the pain he caused them when left without leaving trace or when he passed away. Chris didn't hate his parents he felt betrayed by his dad when he found out about his double life he also felt his parents were also being ignorant and childish because they were still trying to control his life even though he was an

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