How Did Chris Mccandless Escape

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Parents put a lot of stress on their children. From setting high expectations, to forcing them to live a life they do not want, the amount of pressure applied to the children could have an everlasting effect on them. This pressure could lead the struggling children to want distance and space from their parents. That distance could then lead to a spark of curiosity in the children to find any means of escape. Which happens to be the case of Christopher McCandless. In the book, “Into the Wild”, Jon Krakauer writes about the adventure that McCandless journeys through before he reaches his death. I believe that the lifestyle Chris McCandless’ parents put upon him is what caused him to look for an escape, and a simplistic lifestyle, via the wild. High expectations for Chris from his parents are what seemed to have lead him into the wild and ultimately to his death. Throughout the text, Krakauer lists reasons as to why or how Chris’ parents could have been a cause for his escape. Christopher McCandless came from a…show more content…
Chris genuinely did not want his parents a part of his life through his college years. It explains that Chris’ “resentment of his parents hardened, and his sense of outrage over injustice in the world grew at large.”(Krakauer123). The resentment created by Chris for his parents originated from their need of materialistic items. Chris wanted to live life for what it was not for materialistic items. In conclusion, Christopher McCandless wanted to live the simplest life possible. The way he was raised, and how his parents were to him, just motivated him much more. To Chris it was not about the materialistic or luxurious parts of life, but life itself. Which is what drove him on his adventure into the wild. But to his misfortune, his choice of lifestyle did not end
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