How Did Chris Mccandless Go Out Into The Wild

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Chris McCandless was an independent and adventurous man. One day he set a goal for himself and was determines to reach it. As a kid McCandless read books by Jack London, who turned out to be his favorite author. Thanks to London he gave him some inspiration to go out into the wild, become independent and live off the land. Nobody knew the real reason why Chris wanted to go out into the wild. All he tells us is that he wanted to be independent. Chris had some trouble at home, mainly with his father. Chris has done this before where he would just get up and leave but never for a long period of time. The problem with Chris is that he did not like being told what to do. He had trouble with the idea of having parents telling him what to do. Even if he left he would be unhappy with anyone…show more content…
He decided to stay in Bullhead City for two month. He got a job at McDonalds and instead of using his fake name “Alex” he went by his real name, Chris. McCandless was said to be an odd guy. He was very reliable considering the fact he worked at a slow pace. The one this his manager could remember about him most is that he could not stand to wear socks. He hated wearing his shoes with socks. The store had a policy about wearing proper clothing which was shoes and socks but apparently after his shift was over chris immediately took off his socks(29). Everybody questions how Chris McCandless died. Because he did not take any food or water a lot of people thought he died of starvation. It was hard for him to hunt for food without any hunting gear and it was hard for him to find water. People thought that McCandless camr across a plant and it so happened to be toxic. Thats not what killed him krakuar says, “McCandless simoly had the misfortune to eat moldy seeds”(194). McCandless did not ask to die, it was just an accident, he knew nothing about which seeds where good and which where
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