How Did Chris Mccandless Journey Into The Wild

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Chris McCandless was troubled but he wasn’t crazy. He was so hurt by his family he was seeking happiness away from people that could hurt him by going into the wild. Eventually, before he died, he realizes he was wrong and that he wants to return to society. Christopher
Johnson McCandless was hurt by his family, had a troubled childhood, and looking for happiness away from civilization but before he died in peace realizes he wanted to live with other people again. Although he lived an affluent life the example Chris's parents set for him drove him to dislike the materialistic mindset of society. “Mom and Dad put in incredibly long hours. They ran a really good business together and eventually started making bunches of money, but they worked all the
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McCandless was also searching for some peace and happiness to escape the turmoil in his life. “Seemed like a kid who was looking for something, looking for something just didn't know what it was” (Krakauer 42). Chris’s journey into the wild was his break from society, to get away from everything. He originally thought money was bad because it corrupt people and even affected his family. The negative views of money and the hurt for his family were too much for
Chris to handle so he had to leave. “Alex just had a way with animals” (Krakauer 45). If going into the wild wasn't enough to prove it, Chris’s love for animals also showed his love for nature itself. He respected nature as shown in the book when he killed the moose but did not preserve the meat fast enough and lost most of it. Naturally, his love for nature drove him away from a materialistic lifestyle as nature is always damaged or used for money.
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Chris’s negative experience with money and family eventually drove him to the edge.
Like any other person he just needed a break from the stress his life provided. Unfortunately
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