How Did Chris Mccandless Learn In Into The Wild

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Into the Wild, written by Jon Kraukauer and lived by Chris McCandless, is a novel in the eyes of a young man who ventures out to find a happiness of his own. Chris McCandless left his home life in hopes of finding true happiness. There is a fine line between venturing out on a split second decision and leaving your normal life to enlighten yourself.
He never thought through what could happen to him while on his own in places he had not gone before. There’s a difference between being ignorant and being intelligent, Chris was staying put on that line. He fell to either side every now and then, for example: burning his money was ignorant. He should have known better to leave with a plan more thought out than “Get to Alaska.” Man vs. Wild’s Bear Grylls, Survivorman Les Stroud, and Man, Woman, Wild’s Mykel and Ruth Hawke are all people who appreciate how fascinating nature can be as well as how great it is to be out in the wilderness away from civilization, but they also understand that they cannot go out ill prepared. Not only did they leave their life with materials that could protect them, nourish them, and help them stay alive, but they studied up on the possible problems they could face both major and very minor. From the beginning of his childhood Grylls was
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He lived a false reality, his family portrayed the image that they were perfect yet they were actually far from it. He had parents who put on a front for others to think they had a perfect life, but behind closed doors lay a life that Chris could not bear anymore. Crystal cups, chandeliers, and other prim and proper ornaments filled his seemingly perfect house but when crystal falls, it shatters. The crystal represents the lavish life his family wanted everyone to see, the shattering shows how fast a world you know can come tumbling down. If I were in his position I would’ve left as well, having to watch
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