How Did Christianity Spread In The Roman Empire

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One religion with an only God, instead of many, appealed to Roman Emperor Constantine. He knew that the Christian religion could affiliate his empire and so he could bring about military success. Emperor Constantine 's interest in Christianity made the religion spread throughout the Roman Empire. And so, Christianity became a replacement for all the assorted religions that were practiced at the time in the Roman Empire. The edict of Milan, which granted religious tolerance to Christianity, was signed by Emperor Constantine and emperor Licinius in Milan and policies towards Christians were changed. The major reason for the spread of Christianity was because it was of Emperor Constantine interest and since he was the emperor of the Roman Empire, which was the world 's largest empire, there was a massive expansion of Christianity.…show more content…
South America was colonized by countries such as Portugal and Spain and North America by Britain. Due to Christianity becoming the official religion of the Roman Empire, it turned into the most controlling religion in the world. The Church had an enormous impact on the advancement of western civilization. Christians realized that God created the world for the sake of the church and that the church saves men so that they can be united with God. People were believed to be part of the church and part of the body of Christ which meant they were united with him. The Catholic Church was led by the Bishop of Rome, also known as the Pope, and the church was influenced by the Spirit of God, who influenced the pope. Therefore, the Catholic Church taught that whenever the pope said anything about the Catholic faith, he could never
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