Christopher Columbus Be Taught Essay

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Going into depth with the article I feel as if the whole topic of Columbus should be taught a different way. Leaning this year about what Columbus actual and all of the terrible things he did to the Natives gave me a false sense of the reality of what I learned in elementary school. Even though the thought of teaching little kids of the horrific murders is not correct there should be more awareness. Christopher Columbus should be taught as a man that causes terror but helped in bringing realization to England. The less harsh way of what Columbus did should be taught. In the sense that what he actually did should be taught, and the things he never did should not be mentioned for example how we are taught that he discovers that the world was round. What the main purpose of the article is to inform the reader that there have always been lies in the teaching of Christopher Columbus. In the beginning, it is…show more content…
Not knowing the true story about both of these events can confuse kids and not helping understand the complete topic. There is no particular reason to not tell the truth other than the horrific events, but Columbus should be taught as an evil man. Most of what I learned in elementary school about him is completely false giving me a nonrealistic point of view on him. He should not be remembered as a man that did great things but of a man that set foot changes in the world. Even though he did not discover America he did help in making England acknowledge all of Northern America. As for Thanksgiving, there should be a responsibility to teach the truth. Thanksgiving is a holiday that most take to heart so why lie about the history. Having known of all the hardships that people went through for the first “thanksgiving” gives a sense of what to be thankful for. The whole purpose the holiday of
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