How Did Christopher Columbus Claim To Discover America

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The person who claimed to discover america is “ Christopher Columbus” and how he got to our US he might to go to china/asia but he went around and was the first person of spain to land on america. Christopher was wanting to go to asia or china for valuables like pearls , gold, and spices. He landed on a america in august 3rd , 1492. He want to go to china/asia because he wanted to become rich for himself because he wanted the valuables. The letter of the Pope tells the fact of faith or catholic region to spread. I think he wants to come famous because he wants to spread the good to all man , women, younger boys and girls in his region of the 1400s. The motive for “ Samuel E. Morison “ was talking about searching and finding the routes that are new to Samuel. I think the reason why “The Pope” sent his letter to the king and queen was because he want to visit spain .…show more content…
Why and how did christopher columbus landed on america, 2. Pope’s letter that spread the catholic faith, and 3. Samuel’s book of routes that are new and found to the
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