How Did Christopher Columbus Influence Human Progress

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Christopher Columbus and His Adventures Christopher Columbus was born in Italy on October 31st, 1451. His father, Domenico, was a wool weaver. His mother was Susanna Fontana Rossa. Columbus was the oldest of 5 brothers.
When he was 14, he took his first voyage. Up until then, he attended a monastery. He did not get a lot of education. The very little education he did receive was math and Latin. Christopher’s younger brother, Bartolomeo, taught him map making.
He married Felipe Perestrella Monica the age of 28. They had a son together named Diego. Felipe died several years later. After her death, Columbus had a second son named Fernando with a lady named Beatriz Enriquez de Arana.
Christopher Columbus made many voyages in his lifetime. He
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He was granted 3 ships for his first voyage to India. He traveled West and found an island. Columbus landed in the new world on October 12, 1492.”*
Columbus wasn’t the first to discover or explore the Americas, but he was the first to make it the centerpiece of colonization efforts. Columbus found land and named it San Salvador. He found an island in the Bahamas, South America, Jamaica, Guanaja Island, and Honduras. Christopher Columbus started the Columbian Exchange and he made the first connection between Europeans and the Americas. Columbus wrote 2 books on his voyages with the help of his son and brother.
“Columbus’s accomplishments should be considered in conjunction with his failures. The “discovery” of America would certainly have taken place within 50 years of 1492 had Columbus not ventured West when he did: advances in navigation and ship construction made contact between the hemispheres inevitable. Columbus’s motives were mostly monetary, with religion a close second. When he failed to find gold or a lucrative trade route, he began collecting slaves: he believed that a transatlantic slave trade would be quite lucrative.”**
Christopher Columbus’s voyages were sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen.
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