How Did Christopher Columbus Ledfour Voyage

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Christopher Columbus ledfour voyages in his life time. It all began due to the fact that he was amazed by the possibility of gathering Asian riches. It wasnt until he convinced the spanish monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, to allow him to keep atleast a tenth of what he gathered along the voyage, that he went on his way. On August 3, 1942, Colombus's search for Asian riches began. He sailed out westerward on a ship named, Santa Maria and two caravels, The Pinta and The Nina. With him he took ninety men to accompaniate him. They were now on their way to what Colombus thought was " Asia". On October 12, they hit land. They had arrived at the Bahamas , east of Florida, which he named San Salvador. Thinking he had arrived at the Indies, Colombus began referring to the population as, Los Indios, but they were in fact, Tainos. Colombus proceeded confident that he was in the Indies going throughthe Bahamas, then to Cuba and ending eastward on an Island he named, Hispaniola, now known as Haiti and Dominican Republican. There, Colombus struck big. He ended up finding a good sum of gold and jewerly. He as well met tobacco for the first time.…show more content…
He left forty of his men behind and took with him a dozen Indians and presented themm as presents for the spanish Queen and King. When he presented them with the results, they were so impressed with his accomplishments that they wanted Colombus to continue a second voyage and he did just that. In 1943, the second voyage began. Colombus, along with fourteen hundred other men,sailed out to la Hispaniola. There they discovered complete caosse. The men they left behind were now hated my the Indians due to awful actions by their
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