How Did Christopher Columbus Life

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In 1476, Columbus had his first creative voyage, along the rocky coast of Portugal. Columbus had always been a resourceful child, going back to his early years as the son of a wool merchant in Genoa, Italy. Laboring alongside his father, Columbus learned how to work in an innovative way that would appease his father’s clients. Later, obtaining his first work as a ship’s merchant, he learned how to be convincing and appealing to the hard-hearted sailors on the ship. Being exposed to the life of a sailor, Columbus learned how to adapt to the mysteries of sea life, and how to read maps, navigate, and make use of what the wind and sea brought his way. Therefore, Columbus’ early life was marked by precocious people skills and navigating abilities. Columbus’ creative navigation skills were put to the test as he almost got his life taken away in his first voyage to Portugal. As he was sailing, everything seemed to be going smoothly, until he spotted French privateers, who invaded his ship. As the ship burned down, the young sailor figured out how to hang on, for quite a lengthy period of time, to a narrow piece of wood in order to survive. At sea for hours…show more content…
After being denied twice for his patronage of the voyage, first by King John II of Portugal and then by Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Spain, Christopher did not lose hope. He reached out in new ways for resources. The captain’s wish was finally fulfilled as Spanish treasurer Luis de Santangel agreed to fund Columbus’ expedition. Columbus also solicited and obtained approval of the Franciscan Friars of Spain for his journey. The unusual combination of religious and financial support led to the ultimate political support of Isabella and Ferdinand. The explorer was finally on his way! As with his first voyage, Columbus, as a negotiator, had shown creative
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