How Did Christopher Columbus Moralize Natives?

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In fourteen ninety two, Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue to find the world of new. Though the History books have a preconceived idea that he was a benevolent adventurer, Bartolome De Las Casas proclaims Columbus’ interactions differently. De Las Casas described several events during Columbus’ encounter with the Native Americans. Columbus demoralized the Native Americans by regarding them as subhumans, disintegrated their families, and committed mass murders. What the textbooks fail to include are the immoralities that could possibly shed a new light on your perspective of Christopher Columbus. Columbus blatantly regarded Native Americans as subhumans. The Indians were exploited and used for personal transportation and servants. If…show more content…
Bartolome De Las Casas kept an account on the events that he experienced. Roughly two hundred and fifty thousand Indians were on the Island of Cuba before the conquest. Quelled rebellions, mass suicides, overworking, and disease led to a great decline in the Indian population as time passed. If an Indian attempted to run away, they would be hunted down by dogs and either hanged or burned to death. By 1515, fifty thousand of the original two hundred and fifty thousand remained alive. By 1550, five hundred remained. Finally, by 1650, not one original Indian or descendant remained of the two hundred and fifty thousand that were around before the conquest. De Las Casas saw these atrocities, and soon became a vehement critic of the Spanish Conquistadors. In conclusion, Christopher Columbus has been idealized as a heroic adventurer who treated the Natives with respect and kindness. Some of his actions are far from moral. He treated the Indians as subhumans, unraveled their families, and engaged in mass murders. With much more information becoming readily available, Columbus could now be viewed as an immoral man. In fourteen ninety two, Columbus beat the Indians black and blue and changed the map we

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