How Did Christopher Columbus

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What do you think about christopher columbus? Is he really what they say about him in the past ? while reading keep in mind these topics, was he really a good man.Celebrating columbus day big topic to talk about because many of we Americans see him as a hero but is he really one. Columbus was a really bad man. We should celebrate Indigenous people 's day instead of Columbus day.
Christopher Columbus said false information and made many incredibley bad things.In the artiticle by “Liberty Voice” it says “addition to the controversy over the fate of the Native Americans encountered by Columbus ,there is the fact that he didn 't actually discover America.The country obviously was already populated by indigenous people who had “discovered” it before columbus arrived.Besides he didn’t even know where he was in the article it states “ He also never reached mainland North America, instead landing in the Bahamas, and later Cuba. They state that Columbus was responsible
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In the article “Seattle says goodbye to Columbus day” by Dr. Susan Berry it says “According to the AP report, the resolution that passed on Monday declares “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” the second Monday of October and intends to Honor the contributions and culture of Native Americans and the indigenous community in Seattle. In the article it also says that supporters of the action said” it will recognize the rich history of people who have inhabited the area for hundred of years.Fawn Sharp, president of the Quinault Indian Nation on the olympic peninsula, and president of the Affiliated Tribes of the Northwest Indians says”This action will allow will allow us to bring into current present day our valuable and rich history,and it’s there for future generations to learn”. Indigenous people 's day is a holiday we should all celebrate we should honor the culture and the death of many Native Americans whose tribe were in
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