How Did Christopher Columbus Sell The Arawak People As A Slave?

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For one thing, I do not know that the largest pyramid in the world is actually in the Americas. I find this very surprising, because I have always thought that the largest pyramid is in Egypt, until I takes this class. Some of the foundational that that we adapted from Native America are parrots and balls of cotton and spears. In my point of view, I do not think that Christopher Columbus was truly discoverer of the Bahama is land, because the Arawaks people was already there. Even though, the Arawaks people was naked, and they did not know the value of good things such as gold. That does not make them a slave or animal, but Christopher Columbus treated them as slaves. Also, according to Steven, Columbus exaggerated his report and promises. The reason, that we are not celebrate the Afro-Phoenicans as discoverers of America, because we do really know how they got there. And instead, we celebrate the Columbus’s Day because when Christopher Columbus discovered the America.…show more content…
While I was reading, it has come to my mind to ask this question. What make Christopher Columbus have the right to sell the Arawak people as a slave? With that being said, I find a few interesting things from the article about Columbus, The indians, and Human Progress. For instance, the Arawak people had no iron, but they wore tiny gold ornaments in their ears. Also, many of them were kill during the captives. I also, find the odd that the Arawak were willing to trades everything that they had to Columbus. The third thing, that I find very odd is that they did have not a religion or temple. The last thing, that I find interesting is that husbands and wives were together once every eight or ten months during that times. On the other hand, during my reading from the “1493: The True Importance of Christopher Columbus,” from the book Lies My Teacher Told Me. I noticed that this book mentions about how several same textbooks use different

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