How Did Christopher Columbus's Use Of Religion Contribute To Colonization?

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a. Trade and the advancement of technology both motivated and provided the means to the colonization and exploration across the seas. First, trading throughout Europe demonstrated a very profitable means of income for every nation, but the slow travel routes motivated the exploration of a new path to the desired destination. Trading had also provided the means of colonization because of the motivated exploration of new land. The development and advancement of new technologies had encouraged exploration because of the desire to demonstrate and test the new technologies such as the compass and gunpowder. The use of gunpowder had consequently improved the desire to trade as well. The improvement of technologies such as shipbuilding and mapmaking had provided the ability, once not available, to colonized and explore the seas. b. Religion had become increasingly important by the turn of the 16th century because of the desire and race to expand the religion. Religious…show more content…
This point of view is supported by Henry VIII’s abandonment from the Roman Catholic Church, which delayed the efforts made on the explorations and colonization. Other matters that had stalled the attempt on colonization happened in 1587 where Sir Walter Raleigh’s settlement in North Carolina failed. These delays had set England far behind Spain and Portugal in the Americas colonization 3. a. Christopher Columbus’ point of view shows how the natives are people with reason and understanding where a transaction from both parties must be made for the two to be happy. Christopher Columbus also knows how a forceful taken over will not be a successful as a slow welcoming embrace to the European culture and religions. b. Besides the monarchy, the great power in Spain that Christopher Columbus would be referring to is the Catholic religion. After the recapturing of Spain from the Islamic invaders, religion and state became one where the Roman Catholic faith became as influential to Spain as the
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