How Did Civilization Develop Mesopotamian Civilization

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The advancement of civilization initiated in Mesopotamia as higher levels of development matured through added civilizations in agriculture, cities, government hierarchy, writing, and building. Agriculture was the base of life that created food surpluses, free time to build, time to learn, and time to develop new ideas. In the settling of nomads brought cities that fashioned together to proliferate in population, and with those numbers contribute to the community. Arising from equalitarian hunting and gathering societies, civilizations created hierarchical governments in order to deal with the complexities of food surpluses, ownership, complex societies, and religion. Writing gave way to a higher class of education that only those superior to others received in order to preserve knowledge; communication, on the other hand, was available to most lower and middle class. Many…show more content…
Mesopotamia: the land between rivers sprouted civilization as it created agriculture in the fertile crescent. The bread basket of Africa, Egypt was divinely blessed with the bountiful inundations and their fruitful surpluses. The monsoons in India gave water to the Indus Valley that fueled the wheat, barley, peas, lentils, linseed, and mustard; those crops then gave impulse to the civilization. The millet agriculture was the seed in China from which sprouted job opportunities for many people in farming, and irrigated the future for China. Set in prehistoric times, West Africa has ample water with it being laborious to get to, but through these obstacles West Africa succeeded to grow crops including maize. Commonly known foods to be "Mexican," cultivated in Central America including corn, squash, and beans, which provided a protein based diet for the people. South America, similarly to Central America, grew wheat and corn to expand and sustain their
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