How Did Civilization Influence Western Civilization

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Western civilization came about after the blending and mixing of various cultures that spread from Ancient Greece and Rome throughout Europe and later on America. As Western Civilization spread, the areas that have been influenced by this is often called The West. As of today, Greek and Romans ideas of philosophy, literature, mathematics, astronomy and government are still present. The ideas of government that were developed by Greeks and Romans served as a basis for the United States’ government today. In the 400s B.C., Greece began to implement direct democracy and in 509 B.C., Romans developed representative government. By 2003, approximately 62% of the world government were democracies. In 2002, there were more than 120 democracies established and even more emerging. Athenian Democracy was fundamental for United States Democracy. Although the democracy that developed in the United States differed from Athenian Democracy they both share main ideas. For example, both had three branches of government; legislative, executive and judicial. Democracy has been known to be one of Greece’s greatest legacies that revolutionized the way of ruling and government . As for literature and philosophy, Romans got many of their ideas as well as their inspiration from the Greeks. Some of the greatest known philosophers from Ancient Greece were Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Aristotle created the basis for the scientific method that is used today. He was known for questioning the
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