How Did Clara Barton Contribute To The Civil War

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In the American Civil War, one of the most recognizable figures is Clara Barton. She was the “Angel of the Battlefield”, and the founder of the American Red Cross. Clara Barton is an important figure of the Civil War, and is one person who is still remembered by many people today.
Clara’s Early Life Clara Barton was born on December 25, 1821. She was born in North Oxford, Massachusetts. Her father was a town official, captain of the militia, and a member of the Massachusetts Legislature. Her mother was an abolitionist, and strongly believed women should have the same rights as men. Clara believed that she would never be quite as successful as her family. She had a love of learning, but was shy and developed a lisp at a young age. Her brother was injured and she learned the medical procedure of leeching in order to get rid of the bad blood in his body. Clara became his nurse and
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It took her four years to complete the task, and she helped identify 12,500 dead soldiers. She then traveled to Europe, and met the founders of the International Red Cross. When Clara came back to America, she tried to convince President Rutherford Hayes, the Secretary of State, and Congress to join the International Red Cross. But as timed passed, and they did not sign the treaty to join the International Red Cross. So, in 1881, Clara organized the first branch of the American Red Cross. She was the first president when she was 60, and led it for twenty three years. During that time, she formed the National First Aid Society to teach people aid for when health workers weren’t there. She also wanted the Red Cross to provide for natural disasters, not just war. Clara made sure that the American Red Cross had warehouses full of supplies and food. She later on died on April 12, 1912, at her home in Glen Echo,
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