How Did Classical Greece Influence Today's Society

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Classical Greece has an abundant historical element that even influence today’s society. Through studying documents from Classical Greece, it is able to show the structure of its society. Works by Homer, Hesiod, and the Spartan military allow historians to further investigate the influence of these economic, and two literature documents giving a look into Classical Greece’s society.
Classical Greece culture is the creation of multiple ancient societies. Once even compared to barbarians by the Persian this great society emerged in little time. The Greek alphabet came from Phoenicians whom they traded with; temples were inspired by the architecture of Ancient Egypt. Classical Greece appropriated numerous ideas and concepts from the east, and made them not only theirs but became the heart of western culture (77). The Odyssey by Homer is a literary work that documents a journey by the protagonist Odysseus. In the epic Odysseus is
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In “Pandora” the story begins with Zeus gathering all of the gods to create the first woman (83). This story is infamous for Pandora opening a jar that unleashes everything evil into the world, which was described as sickness, creatures in the sea, and animals on land. Hesiod’s story is the explanation that citizens of Classical Greece used to explain the evil of the world (84).
Showing Hesiod and Homer’s use of allusion to the Olympian gods in their writings allow historians to further examine Classical Greece through literature. This epic is able to show the relations with nations at the time, the status in which people were held, and cultural art through the popularity of this work. However, historians can find the problem of this work being bias in some ways. The Odyssey was written for Greece, which allows Homer to write in favor of his nation. Hesiod’s work does not uplift Classical Greece that of Homer, but Hesiod illustrates the hardship of the
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