How Did Claudia Shiavello Influence The World

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On the 16th of May in Angliss Hospital, Melbourne, Victoria, Claudia Jannette Schiavello was born to Lorna June Schiavello and Darren Anthony Schiavello. Claudia, and her two brothers, Heath Robert Schiavello (13) and Seth William Schiavello (6) have a Scottish and Italian background but were born and raised in Melbourne, Australia. She grew up in Christian household where her family filled it with books, music, education and love so she felt comfort and love. In her free time and as hobbies Claudia likes playing Basketball, Reading, listening to music and talking to her friends. With previous problem with friends and family Claudia 's biggest fear is loosing loved ones and feeling alone.

In her early life, Claudia was a energetic and enthusiastic
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If she was to change one thing in her past it would be to realise whom her true friends were a lot faster but that also shaped her into who she is today. Claudia has never travelled to another country, but if she could it would be Italy because it 's her nationality and she 'd like to know more and she 'd love to see the beautiful architect landmarks, the amazing weather and taste the wonderful…show more content…
One of the interesting things about Claudia is that she is a huge fan of Eminem and he 's her role model. She looks up to him because he 's been through so much, being broke, being away from his daughters, his suicidal wife but he stuck through it and wrote music about it and that 's something she looks up to. If she was given 10 million dollars she would use it by buying a house for her and her family renovate it and she 'd give the rest to charity. Claudia 's dream job is to be a nurse specifically a Mid wife because she likes the idea helping people and bringing life to the world and repaying mothers for the work they put into us and letting them
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