How Did Cleopatra Change Society

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“Her palace shimmered with onyx and gold but was richer still in political and sexual intrigue.”(Cleopatra A Life by Stacy Schiff) Cleopatra was one of the biggest leaders of her time for many reasons. She changed the lives of many in her time, and she changes lives of people still today. Cleopatra is an important figure to study because she made an impact in how
Egyptians rulers were/are seen through history, she was very strategic in politics and negotiating, and she had children with two of the most prominent Roman commanders of their day.
Cleopatra was a descendant of a violent Greek family. She was raised around violence, and around that time it was seen as being honorable to fight. “She was a member of the
Ptolemaic dynasty, a family
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While it’s not a 100% fact, I am sure that many civilians were greatly affected by her death since someone new to rule had to come along.
Cleopatra saved a region from so much harm. She saved it, and that changed once she died. “For a time Cleopatra’s reign brought relatively stability to the region, bringing a degree of peace and prosperity to a country bankrupt by civil war.” (Pettinger). Her reign no doubt saved many lives.
People could go on to live in harmony, and the region wouldn’t be bankrupt, or at least not as bankrupt. When she died, her people didn’t know if things would get worse or better, and they most likely panicked. I’m sure that many people were saddened by her death, but some of her history and her legend, live on. This can be shown by various plays and movies.
Cleopatra was one of the greatest leaders of her time. She seduced two powerful men and had children with them. She was a fairly violent leader, however, she was very strategic, and knew very well how to get herself out of, or into a situation. Even though most of the records of her lifetime are lost, we still know some of the most important experiences in her life. Cleopatra was, and forever will be, a legendary
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