How Did Cleopatra Influence The Roman Empire

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Cleopatra’s Influence on the Roman Empire Cleopatra VII has become one of the most well-known ruler and Egyptian in era of the Roman Empire because of her suppose beauty, cunning personality and her influence on the Roman Republic which turned into an Empire shortly after her death. While she is not Roman citizen herself, her relations with Julius Caesar and later Mark Antony are what brought her influence of power into Roman society and expanded her own in Egypt. Just like any ruler in history she sought power which was not something easily done as a woman in that time, however primary sources such as Josephus and Cassius Dio often do not refer to her as a great ruler, but as a seductress…show more content…
Her only reasoning was not because of her late husband Mark Antony, as Cleopatra is not a simple but a complex human being.

"Miserable Cleopatra, you are taken prisoner!" Upon which she turned quick, and, looking at Proculeius, drew out her dagger, which she had with her to stab herself. But Proculeius ran up quickly, and, seizing her with both his hands, "For shame," said he, "Cleopatra; you wrong yourself and Caesar much, who would rob him of so fair an occasion of showing his clemency, and would make the world believe the most gentle of commanders to be a faithless and implacable enemy." (Plutarch Life of Antony p.475)

She was captured and quickly tried to take her life though was stopped by Proculeius. She then attempted starvation but ceased once Octavius threatened retribution against her children, he already gained power of the empire weeks prior and did not need her death to have control. However she died shortly after by a possible lethal injection by poison on a pin or what could also be a venomous snake bite. The date of her death is also a chronological problem, as it is often dated as exactly 1 Thorth, though could be dated back 18 days prior during the reign of her children. After hearing that Octavian was going to transport her to Rome, out what could have been shame brought her into action to killing

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