How Did Colonial Government Treat The Native Americans

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The Native Americans were the first occupants of United States. They helped the foreigners navigate through their land taught them how to do farming. The Native Americans were slowly wiped out by the foreigner’s one tribe at a time. In this paper we will be talking about how the Native Americans were treated from the colonial times to the 1830’s, what wars and treaties were they faced with and some of the Native American Leaders and officials .
The Colonial government saw the Native Americans as savages and viewed them with a judgmental opinion which created a lot of tension between them. The Colonial government and the Native Americans were pretty much always at war with each other and they wanted Native Americans out of their colonies. The Native Americans
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The Native Americans were pushed around and had to move several times to secure their safety. The vast majority of the Native Americans died from war and different diseases brought to North America by the foreigners. Here are some examples small pox, measles, scarlet fever, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases. They didn’t have immunity to these types of diseases at the time so it slowly killed the Native Americans wide spread. Eventually the United States had a policy on Indian removal. The Native Americans were forced to travel to the east of Mississippi. This trip was brutal on them and it took a lot of lives.
The Native Americans went through several wars and massacres in order to try and save their land which ended up taking a lot of Native Americans lives. Some of the following wars were Pequot War, King Phillips War, Pueblo Revolt, French and Indian War, Pontiac’s Conspiracy, Battle of Tippecanoe and First Seminole War. All of these wars had an effect on the Indians in good and bad. The Pequot War had a major effect on the Native Americans. The colonist and another tribe ambushed the Pequot tribe at night and killed men, women and children. The colonist then
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