How Did Colonialism Affect Indonesia

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“Colonialism must be eradicated from the earth!” President Sukarno, the most admired president in Indonesia, conveys his nationalist perspectives by articulating all the different manners of colonialism (Britannica). The Dutch once colonized Indonesia for 150 years (weloveindonesia). In that long period, Indonesia was reshaped in different aspects. Dutch Colonialism impacted modern Indonesia in. The Dutch impacted Indonesia in politics primarily in legal system. Another influence that the Dutch brought to Indonesia is Christianity. Last but not least, the Dutch caused social immobility in Indonesian society. Dutch colonialism affected Indonesian politics largely in the legal system. The present law system of Indonesia is based on a civil law system, intermixed with customary law, which is named adat, and…show more content…
Before arrival of Europeans, Indonesia was socially distinct and embraced varied forms of art and culture. First influence was on agriculture. The Dutch established the cultivation system and resulted to Indonesia having a highly developed society with a wet field (weloveindonesia). The negative side of influence was that the Dutch caused social immobility or social gap in Indonesia’s society (brookings). Under Dutch rule, higher classes faced fewer hardships but lower classes encountered harsh treatment, great exploitation, a deterioration of living condition and heavy tax burdens (lowensteyn). All of those impacts that the Dutch had in society of Indonesia do not seem influential these days. It is because today, most countries interact with the other countries globally that it is hard to find their own unique traditions and culture. The other reason that the impact of the Dutch is not well seen is because the time after the colonialism of Dutch passed quite a lot. During the independent years, Indonesia developed traditions on their own. The society changes over the time and that is how it

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