How Did Colonialism Compared To European Imperialism

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When faced with 19th-century European colonialism, Japan fared the best compared to India and the Congo. The reasons behind European colonization was Industry and social darwinism. Social darwinism is the belief that certain groups of people were genetically predisposed to specific jobs and tasks. Through the theory, Europeans came to believe that because of their predisposition they had the right to rule over others, which is also known as imperialism. Imperialism can be defined as “the takeover of a country or territory by a stronger nation to dominate the political, economic, and social life of the people of that nation.” Moreover, since social darwinism supported imperialism, it, therefore, justified racism. During the time of industrialization and imperialism, Europe was on a constant search for resources for their industries and turned their attention to Japan, the Congo, and India. However, while Europeans sought to take over those countries as they also felt that it was their duty to “improve” them. Unlike the Congo and India, Japan was able to modernize and adapt. As a result of European colonization, the Congo and India’s population suffered as India starved and the Congo became divided. Therefore, while the Congo and India’s population suffered from European colonization, Japan was able to industrialize and modernize, thus faring the best as they became one of the major powers. During Europe’s colonization of the Congo, when the population was faced with the

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