How Did Colonists Build Westward Expansion

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Why did the colonists expand westward? Well, at the time the colonists were very close together on the East coast and many people wanted to explore their living westward away from most of the civilization, to make their own. I am thankful for westward expansion because I live in west. The westward expansion was a great help to everyday life. This had great exploration westward for the brave people that decided to endure this excruciating journey. The people that expanded westward had to endure great challenges or setbacks on they 're exploring. They encountered a lot of weather challenges, Indian attacks and animal attacks. During this time of exploration the president Thomas Jefferson was not helping everyone explore. The westward expansion was actually a major part of his wild soul that just wanted to get out there and explore. The explorers and present day us got lots of benefits but also consequences. …show more content…

They explored on trails like the Oregon trail for example, this trail took them almost directly to Oregon. This trail was one of the most used trails that were used to travel westward, because of this many towns and villages were planted in different places al around the trail. So, by the time the people had reached the pacific coast, there was already lots and lots towns all around the northern US, and other roads to get west from the East coast. Because this was so much of a “boom” of exploration and colonization Thomas Jefferson being the president at that time was pleased. He was so pleases that he even helped the people explored

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