How Did Colonists Make Their Living In The Colonies

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Colonists made their living in a variety of ways: fir, lumber trading, shipping, the slave trade, and as merchants and tradesmen in the colony 's towns. Most colonists were farmers, who cleared large acres of land by hand to grow crops. Corn was the most popular,since it could be eaten by people and animals. Also grown was flax, wheat, vegetables, and tobacco. Some colonists mined for iron to send to England for manufacturing into finished goods. When you come to New York there are many jobs. Some jobs are printers, clockmakers, barbers, tanners, milliners, dyers, menders, or you could be in the shipping business. If you are interested in farming, there is squash, beans, corn, melons, grapes, apples, peaches, flax, rye, wheat, and tobacco.
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