How Did Confederation Shaped Canada

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Canada has many events that had helped shape our country today. Some events were minor events, while some events had major parts in the creation of Canada. I think Confederation, The Rebellions of 1838 to 1838, and The Quebec Act of 1774, were all very important events in the history of Canada. Confederation was important because if Canada hadn’t joined together to form a strong alliance against enemies, their foes could’ve come in and stolen Rupert’s Land so a lot of what is now Canada would be part of the US. This would make Canada even weaker and the US would take the Maritime “provinces” and then attempt to take over the rest of Canada, and in the event it happened, Canada would no longer exist and much of North America would now be part of the US. If that didn’t happen, some of the Maritime “provinces” would still be poor and they would migrate into the mainland of Canada, leaving the land open for people to take over. Canada wouldn’t be what it is now and it would be under control of the US. There were many people who opposed confederation, but there were many more who believed that confederation would bring in lots of opportunity in trading and would help their defense against the U.S. a lot. The people who opposed confederation, which was mainly in the small provinces on Canada’s east,…show more content…
It caused Britain to consider the people’s opinions and assign someone to see what was going on. The Durham report stated that they should give more power to the people living in Lower Canada and Upper Canada and changed them into the province of Canada. It pushed Canada more toward confederation. If the Rebellions of 1837 and 1838 hadn’t happened, confederation might have happened later and then the US could’ve taken over some parts of what could’ve been Canada. Rupert’s Land could’ve been bought by the US and now more and more of Canada would be under US
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