How Did Confucius Influence Ancient China

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The one man who shaped and changed China wasn’t a famous emperor who fought a war or commanded an army. Instead he was a great philosopher and teacher whose ethics were handed down for centuries.
His name is Confucius and he helped construct Chinas unique family structure and culture. His beliefs, his documents, and his teachings made Confucius to be the most renown influencers and teachers of his time. Confucius was able to shape the families of the ancient world of China in very subtle, yet powerful ways and these beliefs and traditions molded Chinese family’s well into the 20th century.
The first way Confucius influenced China was by creating five relationships of society
Ruler to Subject
Father to Son
Husband and wife
Elder brother and younger brother
These roles set the
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When he spoke to his disciples, they did not understand what this word fiely meant. So they asked him the meaning of it and he then stated that filial piety was “to not be disobedient”
When asked again by another one of his disciples, Confucius goes on to explain fiel piety in greater details:
His disciple “Fan Ch’e said, “What do you mean?” The Master replied, “That parents when alive, should be served according to propriety; that when dead, they should be buried according to propriety; and that they should be sacrificed to according to propriety.”
Essentially this means that even after death, one should respect their parents as if they were still alive. This shows the depth of honor that was shown to the fathers and mothers of the Chinese people in ancient times.
Filey piety was more than just listening to elders and “not being disobedient’. Chinese sons and daughters were also expected to serve their mother and father by working hard and tending to their parents’ daily needs and to also support one’s parents when
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