How Did Cordoba Influence American Culture

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As Muslim rule dominated throughout Europe, accomplishments in culture, including architecture and intellectualism, were exceptionally noticeable in their legacy. Not only did religions intertwine, but the heart of rule also provided for a center of cultural creativity known throughout the globe; this accomplishment was enabled by political stability and unity. The prominence of many cities reflected cultural accomplishment. After the establishment of the Umayyad Caliphate of Cordoba, and for centuries to come, the flourishing city of Cordoba served as a solid ground for much success. The initial construction of the Great Mosque, known as the crowning achievement of Islamic art and architecture, initiated the effort. (“The Art of the Umayyad Period in Spain”). Other important architectural works included Alhambra in…show more content…
An accomplishment that would influence Europe until modern times, dhimmi and Muslim scholars became a crucial link in revitalizing Greek philosophy to Western Europe through interchanges between Christian and Muslim rulers. Putting aside religious differences, Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike studied together in countless academies and libraries. Renown for its strides in intellectualism, Cordoba turned into a destination for scholars of every type from all over the world looking to gain or discover invaluable knowledge (“Muslim Spain”). Under the guidance of millions of scholars, Islamic Spain built the foundations in alchemy and algebra while also making vast contributions in areas pertaining to the numeral system, geography, history, botany, music, and cartography–these advancements in studies would play a major role in Medieval European life and culture (“Arab Influences in Spain”). The dedication to learning was noticeable in the focus of public works projects in Cordoba. One visitor remarked
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