How Did Cuba And America's Literal Relations Affect Cuba

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Cuba and Americas severed relations affected Cuba in more way than one. Due to Castro, Cuba became the first communist country in not only the Caribbean but the entire Western Hemisphere. During the 1970s Castro visited Chile and was actively involved politically. He held rallies in an effort to try and Chile to follow the same path as Cuba and become a communist country . After leaving an influence in Chile, Castro moved to Africa to try and create new allies. Castro decided to help Angola who at the time was under the threat of being run-through. Castro was the first Soviet state to take action to prevent the up-and-coming apartheid (helping). Castro deployed around 36,000 troops to Anglo in 1975 and his influence remained until 1988. Cuba,…show more content…
February 4, 1992 Chavez and his rebel group decided to take control (coup). Inconveniently for Chavez and the Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement – 200 the Venezuelan government knew beforehand. But this didn’t stop them. Chavez loaded 460 troops onto busses which were diverted to Caracas (CC). The Venezuelan President, Carlos Andres Perez, was warned that the rebel group was waiting for him at the palace yet he still went in. This became a televised event and Perez assured the people that the movement had been out down. Chavez agreed to surrender only if he could speak to the country on television; the country agreed (CC). Chavez was then put in prison, though he was not charged or tried. During Chavez imprisonment a second attack was attempted on November 27, 1992 by the ever so loyal Revolutionary Bolivarian Movement – 200 (coup). It was the first air battle in Caracas. Though it was quick loss there was 171 dead and more than 95 injured (coup). In Caracas on February 5, 2007 there were many Venezuelans wearing red to celebrate the fifteen year anniversary of the coup attempt (news). Chavez quoted Castro that day saying, “History will absolve us, the people will absolve
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