How Did Daisy Bates Influence The Civil Rights Movement

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Another activist during this time period was Daisy Bates. When Daisy was just a little girl she had lost her mother because of three white men who had raped and murdered her. From this loss she experienced, she had so much built up anger and hatred toward those men. She used this hatred to help other women and generate a change. Daisy had become a well-known women that black victims of rape could go to. They would tell Daisy their stories and she would jot them all down and publish them in her newspaper, “In the 1940’s, for example, Daisy Bates, the acclaimed freedom fighter and leader of the Little Rock Nine, used the power of the Arkansas State Press, the newspaper she and her husband, L. C. Bates owned, to call attention to the long history of white-on-black rape” (McGuire 114). This allowed her to get the word spread and show how serious these brutal crimes were, she used this as a way to get other blacks to help fight for equal justice and also to show whites that these heinous crimes against black women was not something that would go unnoticed. These actions that Bates took even helped to convict some of the white men who had attacked these black women.…show more content…
Without people such as Daisy Bates, a lot of these women’s stories would have gone unknown, she helped to share these cases and help fight for justice and get others to join which helped to start the Civil Rights

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