How Did Daisy Bates Influenced Change

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The First Fearful Lady of Little Rock
A woman who fought for freedom; a woman who fought for rights, Daisy Lee Gatson Bates used her strength to argue against the negative words and threats spoken by many racists. During my research on this journalist, publisher and civil activist, Daisy Bates was an African American who wanted to end racial segregation, for it is a topic she strongly disagreed to. Therefore, Bates influenced change not only in her community, however in the entire world. Daisy Bates began the fight against racial segregation in Arkansas with the help of her husband, Lucious Christopher, also known as L.C. Bates. Together, they founded the Arkansas State Press. This African-American newspaper stood up for civil rights and Daisy Bates decided to join the movement. She later became president of the National Association for
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She has stood up for civil rights and has given African American students a better education. Without this powerful and fearful woman, this world would have had schools that separated the whites between the colored, therefore schools, especially in Arkansas, would not be well diverse. According to a graduate from Central High entitled Sybil Jordan Hampton, “Mrs. Bates was an extraordinarily complex woman… An incident thrust her into the forefront of a movement. And I always have felt that Mrs. Bates was a tragic figure.”
She was a fearful woman who was strong and powerful enough to make a large difference. Daisy Bates was able to fight against racial segregation using her words and she strived to put an end to this once and for all. Now, others in the world are able to live freely without being segregated, and I am glad to have a diverse life and go to such a diverse school. This woman, Daisy Bates, was not only a journalist and publisher, however a fearful civil activist who was determined to win the fight for everyone’s civil rights. Many thanks to Daisy Lee Gatson
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