How Did Daniel Hale Williams Perform Open Heart Surgery

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Daniel Hale Williams was the first successful American to perform open heart surgery. He was a very determined and well driven doctor who had many achievements during his career as being a doctor. After reading Medicine with Dr. Henry Palmer, who had been the Surgeon General of the Wisconsin Regiments during the Civil War, Hale became the first African-American to graduate from Northwestern University Medical school (John Boman. “ Daniel Hale Williams (1858-1931) Jan 2001. N.P. Ebscohost. May 2nd, 2018.). He also was later called to reorganize the Federal Freedman’s Hospital in Washington, DC, which included establishing internships for black physicians, improving the nursing school, and serving on the Howard University faculty in surgery…show more content…
N.P. Ebscohost. May 2nd, 2018.). His biggest accomplishment was In 1893, when he organized the Provident Hospital in Chicago and established training programs for the medical education of African Americans. While being there, he performed one of the first cardiothoracic procedures in the United States. He opened the chest of a patient who had been stabbed in the heart and he successfully finished the surgery, giving the patient another 51 years of healthy living. Daniel Hale Williams had Social, economic, and cultural influences that helped him choose and become the great Surgeon he was.

Daniel Hale Williams social background shows how he first became interested in the study of Medicine. He didn't grow up in a family of doctors or surgeons. His dad was a successful entrepreneur and his mother and worked at a barber shop. When he wasn’t
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His father pushed for more and better education among blacks and was active in the Equal Rights League, which sought to gain equal rights for blacks following the Civil War. During the nineteenth century, it was difficult for African Americans to seek a medical education since few schools admitted black students. The public, and most white patients, were not comfortable and had doubts about their capabilities as healthcare professionals. Abraham Flexner in his report on medical education in America in 1910 agreed and stated that “The medical care of the negro race will never be left wholly to negro physicians” ( Ralph C. Gordon. “Daniel Hale Williams: Pioneer Black Surgeon and Educator.” May 2005. N.P. Ebscohost. May 2nd). Daniel Hale Williams became active in the formation of the National Medical Association. This organization was formed in response to the American Medical Association’s resistance to having African-American members. It was used as a voice in speaking out for the rights of black patients and their health care
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