How Did Daniel Muddd Do Not To Hang

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Corban Madson
Ms. Roberts
15 March, 2017
Mudd to Hang, or Not to Hang? Dr. Daniel Mudd was charged with Aiding and Conspiring with the assassin John Wilkes Booth in the plot against US president, Abraham Lincoln in 1865, but was his sentence appropriate? Soon after Booth's death, Mudd was judged and tried. The final conclusion was a life sentence in prison. Doctor Daniel Mudd did not receive an adequate sentence and should have been executed for his crimes against his country.

To further prove my point, Mudd had assisted Booth in his escape in multiple ways including treating his broken leg allowing him to be more mobile. By his own account, Mudd pled guilty and condemned himself later giving the full story. After pleading …show more content…

After the first night with his “Booth” encounter, Doctor Mudd rode into town to grab some supplies and groceries. There he learned of the assassination of President Lincoln and had been told that Booth committed the crime and had pondered telling the Manhunters as to where he’s hiding out. After debating turning in Booth or not, Mudd had decided against it and returned home.

At home later that day, Mudd put together a plan to throw the Manhunters off Booth’s sent. His idea was to have his cousin who was the farm at the time, to go to the Manhunters and report two mysterious figures had shown up the night before and went east. This was to send the Manhunters in the wrong direction, luckily the lieutenant Baker brushed the news aside as false and continued working other possible leads.

Doctor Daniel Mudd did not receive an appropriate sentence and should have been put to death by the Us Government. After committing three separate, traitorous acts against his country, Mudd still only received a life sentence that failed to stick. Mudd’s story along with Herold’s account and Booth’s personal diary all provided evidence for this trial. Daniel Mudd should have been hanged with the other conspirators in this deadly plot against our nation's

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