How Did Darwin Attack Australia

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The bombing of Darwin was one of Australia’s greatest disasters. It took place just before ten o’clock on 19 February 1942 Japanese aircrafts flew over Darwin and began the first two attacks that day. Early 1942 Japan had already taken over the Central Pacific. Darwin was a base for reinforcements for the Allies such as Philippines, East Indies, Netherlands and America. Ships and aircrafts passed through frequently. Darwin was bombed because the Japanese wanted Australia to become neutral in the war. This is because there would be an anti submarine net defence system being constructed in Darwin that would eventually become the world’s longest anti submarine defence system. Darwin, Australia were targeted by the Japanese. 188 Japanese planes passed over Darwin which started the first of the air raids against Australia. The last air raid occurred in Darwin on 12 November 1943. The first two air raids in…show more content…
Within 10 weeks, Japan had dominated Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaya and Rabaul. The biggest town in north of Australia was Darwin which was a key defensive position against an aggressive Japan. Darwin was going to be a base for naval and air operations against the war in south east Asia. The intention of the attack was to scare Australia to become neutral in the war. According to Jack Mulholland who was 20 and a Australian veteran in the war the bombing of Darwin was a battle they weren 't prepared for, no one knew how to use any weapons and didn 't have any proper training. Jack Mulholland believes the bombing of Darwin has never been acknowledged for what it was. The Japanese perspective of Kaname Harada a Japanese pilot that provided air cover for the bombing pilots he had thought that Australian soldiers would be waiting at the port ready for battle, but to his surprise no one was there, they went on with the battle
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