How Did Donatello Influence Art

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1.Donatello was the second greatest artist in Florence before Michelangelo. He was a painter and a sculptor, and was apprenticed by multiple artists. Donatello was born in a time of art and change. D.The Renaissance was very different from the medieval times in that the social structure had changed drastically. Instead of having little time to rest, the Renaissance gave many people leisure time, and in return, art became very important. Donatello achieved his level of artistic ability through years of practice. He apprenticed with many renowned artists. 5.As he improved, he developed his own mode of relief. He used shallow relief techniques and Schiacciato, which he also developed. He was gifted with humanistic insight and and had a deep understanding of suffering and darkness. Some of the artists he apprenticed with were Michelozzo and Brunelleschi.…show more content…
E.He was influenced by sculptures he’d seen which were gothic and ornamental. 2.Later in his work, he changed from gothic to classical. Working with Brunelleschi, an architect and engineer, they became good friends and visited Rome to study ancient ruins. Another master who influenced Donatello was Michelozzo. Michelozzo di Bartolomeo Michelozzi was an architect and sculptor. They collaborated together from 1427 to 1438 and became partners to build several structures. Donatello had a reputation as one of the greatest sculptors and impacted the future of art. He died in December of 1466, at 70 years old. In his final years he created multiple wooden sculptures that were not as well received by the public. F.Donatello was one of the most influential artists in Italy and has not been forgotten
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