How Did Dr. Benjamin Rush Affect Philadelphia In 1793

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There actually was a yellow fever outbreak that hit Philadelphia in 1793. It was one of the worst epidemics in US history. In almost three months it killed nearly 10% of the city’s population, which is around 5,000 people. Many had fled the city even Congressman as mentioned in the book, along with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. Since medicine wasn’t very developed at the time many doctors did drain blood from patients, trying to get rid of the “pestilence”. Most doctors had left, and the ones who couldn’t find one, used sponges. They would plunge the sponges in vinegar and stick them up their nose, some even drank it. Most did just like Mattie, washed their hair and clothes in vinegar, they were very desperate to get rid of it. Dr. Benjamin Rush is an…show more content…
The first hot air balloon in United States was launched from the Walnut Street Jail on January 9, 1793. It was launched by the French aeronaut Jean Pierre Blanchard, and carried him 5,800 feet in the air. Blanchard had plans for a second flight but the yellow fever epidemic had ruined it. In the book it talked about Eliza and her volunteering to help take care of the sick. The Free African Society was founded in 1787 by Richard Allen and Absalom Jones, they helped take care of the sick, since many doctor had fled. Yellow fever is characterized by high fever and jaundice, which is the yellowing of the eye and skin, this is why it’s called yellow fever. People went to coffeehouses to do business or talk politics. A very famous coffeehouse was the London Coffee House, John Adams, Dr. Rush and other important man met there. The French were a big influence during the time, they had helped us during the revolutionary war and they still did. They were having trouble, they beheaded their monarch, King Louis XVI and his wife. French West Indies came to Philadelphia and French fashion and language was very
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