How Did Dr. W. E. Du Bios Impact The Civil Rights Movement

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During the 1950’s, a time of movement and change, known as the Civil Rights Struggle was present. This was a time where African Americans pushed for equality by various methods of reform. Although, advancement had been made, the African Americans wanted to push for more. As the push for freedom was taking place, leaders rose up to the plate to encourage their people through speeches, marches, lectures, literature and many other forms of protest. There were many different ways of taking on this movement. Some leaders found it was more impactful to keep a calm and passive behavior while others chose the violent and straightforward method of achieving protest. One of the most influential leaders during this time was Dr. W.E.B. Du Bios who took the relatively peaceful approach to this movement and is still noted today.
Dr. W.E.B. was a man of drive and passion, especially towards his desire to cease racial segregation towards the African-American race. He was mainly known for promoting awareness of the issues and suggesting solutions to these problems that the Black America had faced for years. Du Bois was considered a radical in that he demanded
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Although he never really felt he had done enough, he always kept pushing himself and others to fight the very last string to achieve equality and justice. The contributions he made including his literature and the foundation of the organizations are still relevant today, and continue to help our world. Undoubtedly, Du Bois’ legacy is continued and cherished. Without such an essential and outspoken figure like W.E.B. Du Bois, all these reformative changes for justice would not have occurred in the past years and continue to occur in the future, as the Black American community finally had the courage to build up the voice to stand up for their very own freedom and
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