Summary: The Influence Of The Dutch On Indonesia

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Did you know that the Dutch had the Indonesians to work over 300 years? The Dutch ruled over Indonesia for over 300 years, 350 to be exact. The Dutch ruling over Indonesia lead their country to be taken by the Dutch. In many of the time, the Dutch taught them education to improve their understanding about their jobs and the Dutch. The Dutch took and changed a lot of their property, the economy in Indonesia changed, same as their politics and their art, which lead the Indonesians to have an advantage of taking back what’s theirs. The Dutch was a strong country but, Indonesia were still able conquer the Dutch and made themselves an independent country.

How did the Dutch first affected the Indonesia’s economy? Regardless whether the Europeans compose the historical force in the 17th century of Indonesia, the appearance obviously initiates changes that in the long term were to be of enormous importance. During the 17th century, VOC went further to creating
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After the cause of this politics change, Java grew a whole a lot more of population from around 2 million to 29 million and because of the politics they can regenerate the money that they either lose it or gain it. In 1916, the Netherlands gave the east part of Indies a degree of self-rule. And election party opened in 1918 but power was held by the governor of the Netherlands. The Indonesians who gave an advantage to most from education opportunities presented by the Ethical Period were mostly established by children. The Indonesians received a Western type of education to help them work in further experience and in increasingly large government service. Ethical Policies in Indonesia were getting stronger every time. A new approach to colonial government, commonly referred to by historians as the Ethical
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