How Did Dutch Affect Indonesia

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Did you know that the Dutch had the Indonesians to work over 300 years? The Dutch ruled over Indonesia for over 300 years, 350 to be exact. The Dutch ruling over Indonesia lead their country to be taken by the Dutch. In many of the time, the Dutch taught them education to improve their understanding about their jobs and the Dutch. The Dutch took and changed a lot of their property, the economy in Indonesia changed, same as their politics and their art, which lead the Indonesians to have an advantage of taking back what’s theirs. The Dutch was a strong country but, Indonesia were still able conquer the Dutch and made themselves an independent country. How did the Dutch first affected the Indonesia’s economy? Regardless whether the Europeans compose the historical force in the 17th century of Indonesia, the appearance obviously initiates changes that in the long term were to be of enormous importance. During the 17th century, VOC went further to creating commercial control in Indonesian islands. In southwestern Sumatra, they established a network of factories in some islands. In adding responsibilities, the company didn’t release a close management system of its own to the areas that were under its direct control. In effect, the VOC changed the sovereign of the royal court, and in so doing, inherited he existing structure of…show more content…
Examples from food that are shown in Indonesia’s culture are dry cookies, they were inspired by the Dutch. There isn’t many cultural or either special changes about their food, but there are many influences from making each dish to their best. Incorporation of the kitchen style of cooking, it gave birth so it could make dishes that was mostly influenced by the Dutch, examples are Bistik Jawa, Sop Kacang Merah, Roti Bakar, Selat Soto, Semur Daging, and more. There isn’t a big change to their arts but it is significant, an example would be the introduction to oil painting in Indonesia which spread during the 19th

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